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Third Party Health and Safety Training in Dubai

Third-party health and safety training refers to training programs and courses that are provided by external organizations or training providers, rather than being conducted internally by a company or organization. These third-party providers specialize in delivering comprehensive health and safety training to individuals and businesses across various industries. Health and safety should be a priority for every employee. Our interactive and engaging health and safety courses help make your employees aware of the risks, company policies and their responsibility towards the health and safety of themselves and others.

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third party training in Dubai/ Saudi Arabia

Third Party Health and Safety Training

At EBSTAC, we offer third party training in UAE and Middle east. We offer a variety of courses to suit the different needs of our clients. These courses are designed to be as flexible as possible, so that they can be tailored to the individual’s requirements.

Our experts will work with you one-on-one and help you get the most out of your experience at EBSTAC.

Health and Safety trainings are very important to educate workforce about workplace hazards and controls, so they can work more safely and be more productive.

Also, it is important to have a policy in place to ensure that employees are properly trained in how to maintain safe health and safety conditions. We have highly qualified Safety Trainers and Consultants who can deliver the courses competently. Our trainers can handle different environments and can convey messages in multi-culture candidates.

We provides best third party training in Dubai, with a greater understanding of importance of health and safety program, so that they can contribute to its development and implementation in the workplace. We are also one of the first companies to offer third party training for all types of industries.

We offer our services at a competitive price, with a 100% success rate. We are among the few training providers in UAE to provide this service at such a low price point, and still maintain high standards of quality and excellence.

There are many organizations that offer third party training courses in Dubai or in Saudi Arabia. The Elite International Training is a institute that provides best health and safety training courses for different industries such as oil, gas, construction and more. We provide both theoretical and practical training for their employees. We also provide a wide range of courses for their employees to choose from.

The Elite International Training offers different types of third party training programs such as fire safety, first aid, food safety and more. We also provide professional certificates in different fields of interest such as health care management or fire fighting management for those who want to pursue it further in their careers.

The Third Party health and safety courses at Elite International Training are designed to make sure that trainers and students have the necessary tools for a safe environment. Workers who are required to work with hazardous materials are required to have a comprehensive understanding of health and safety.

Our Third Party Health and Safety Training Programs

Health & Safety Training1 Day/ 1 Year Validity
Fire Warden/Marshals TrainingBanksman Training
Personal survival techniqueFlagman Training
Scaffolding Inspection TrainingThird Party Safety Training
Man-lift Operator TrainingRescue and Emergency Response Training
Crisis ManagementSafety Monitoring Training
Heat Stress and AwarenessRoot Cause Analysis
Scaffolding Erection / Dismantling
Corporate Safety Training Programs
Incident and Accident Investigation &
Basic Scaffolding Safety
Cradle Operator TrainingSafe use of construction hoist
Basic fire fightingThird Party Management certifications
Site safety inspection and site safety
Construction hoist operator safety
Rescue and Emergency Response
Forklift operator assessment safety
Risk AssessmentThird Party Safety Programs
General Safety AwarenessSafe use of lifting gear
Site Electrical safetyIndustrial gear
Industrial HygieneConfined space entry
Investigation and Site accident repWork at height
Banksman assessment safety trainingFire Watcher
Basic welding trainingPersonal safety & social responsibility
Fire extinguisherFire marshal/warden
Fireteam leaderCommand and control
Fire prevention and fire fightingFire safety awareness
Hazard Identification (Hazid) TrainingEmergency Preparedness & Evacuation
Chemical and Biological HazardJob safety analysis
Cradle Operator Training

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  • Health and Safety in the Workplace is important for businesses of all sizes and types. Nowadays, organisations face many issues like staff losses, higher recruitment costs, lower retention rates, and lower profits. Health and safety compliance helps organizations to decrease the risk of fines, prosecution, reputational damage and increase the possibility of better business performance, resulting in more profitability.

  • Implementing Health and Safety Policies in the Workplace helps to reduce the likelihood of injury occurrence and improves employee health and wellbeing across the enterprises. A safe working environment leads to healthier employees doing tasks more efficiently, producing more output in less time, reducing operational costs, and improving productivity.

  • What health and safety at work is and why it is important.
  • The work-related hazards and risks commonly cause accidents and ill-health.
  • Your and your employer's responsibilities for upholding health and safety.
  • The welfare facilities that your employer should make available to you.
  • The safety measures and procedures your employer will put in place and how you can help to uphold them.
  • Understand what is required of employers and employees under current health and safety legislation.
  • Understand the importance and significance of workplace risk assessments.
  • Know why it's essential to report and investigate accidents.
  • Understand the importance of undertaking a risk assessment to prevent and control hazards.