Academic Documents Attestation and Apostille Services for Saudi Arabia

We provide apostille certification and attestation services for Saudi Arabian academic documents.

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Saudi Arabia Certificate Attestation:

Documents from other countries must go through the attestation process before they can be employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Certificate attestation processes in Saudi Arabia are demanding and time-consuming compared to those in other countries. The major purpose of the Saudi certificate attestation is to secure access into the country on a work visa. Your documents will need to go through a legalization process. Attestation from the relevant agency or ministry may take many steps, depending on the kind of document.

Apostille of Academic Certificates

Educational certificates such as transcripts, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees from the nation where the certificate was issued, one might obtain an attestation for Saudi Arabia. If you want to use your diploma or degree in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to get it authenticated by both the Saudi Ministry of Education and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


1) Legal Translation (if necessary)

2) Education Ministry of Saudi Arabia

3) Apostille from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an accredited Saudi consulate or embassy

Documents needed for Saudi Arabia’s attestation of educational certificates:

  • Original Offer Letter with Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Authentication (Please note that the date of issue cannot be more than three months from the date of filing at the Saudi Arabian embassy).
  • The university issues a letter indicating whether or not it has conducted regular classes or correspondence courses.
  • The original certificate must be certified by the state level HRD.
  • Valid Passport copy
  • Authorization letter
  • Original mark sheets (All Years)
  • Certified copies of the original offer letter, attested by the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Saudi Certificate Attestation includes:

1)   Apostille Attestation

2)   USA attestation (Notary Public, Department of state, and Secretary of state)

3)   Saudi attestation (Saudi Chamber, Saudi MOFA)

4)   UAE attestation (UAE Embassy Washington, USA, and UAE MOFA)

5)   Other GCC or Non- GCC (in accordance with your desire)