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Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS)

Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) courses are highly regarded qualifications awarded to specialists in the fields of fire protection and prevention. The CFPS credential helps individuals dedicated to reducing fire loss prove their education and experience by passing a rigorous certification exam.

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Certified Fire Protection Specialist

Elite International Training Institute, a reputable training facility, provides a Certified Fire Protection Specialist  course in UAE with a well designed syllabus to assist you in passing this certification test.

The Certified Fire Protection Specialist course will help the candidates make sure that their business or organization is protected from fires. This credential is designed to help professionals who work in the fire protection industry to become experts in fire protection and to meet the specific needs of their specific workplace.

For fire safety officers, firefighters, fire inspectors, fire prevention officers, risk managers, and other top experts, this highly regarded qualification in conformity with NFPA criteria might be useful.

Certified Fire protection specialist training is a specialized sector that necessitates a specific degree of knowledge and experience in fire safety.

Make these fire safety courses thorough and efficient with adjustable course schedules and engaging sessions.

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Certified Fire Protection Specialist


Who is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist?

In 1971, the Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) certification was established. To recognize experts who are committed to minimizing fire damage—both social and financial—through certification. Additionally, who have reached a level of competence by relevant professional experiences, related academic skills, and timely completion of a certification test.


What is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist Certification?

The certification serves to confirm and acknowledge a person’s expertise in fire protection, fire prevention, and fire safety. A high school certificate and at least six years of verified professional experience in fire loss prevention, or at least an associate degree with a focus on some part of fire loss prevention, are requirements for certification, which is equal to a tertiary level degree.

The Fire Protection Specialist (FP) certification exam is a challenging and comprehensive test that will test your knowledge of fire protection principles and practices.


What are the requirements to achieve certification?

Candidates must meet specific requirements in order to be admitted to the Certified Fire Protection Specialist program. Individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fire safety education or engineering subjects from any approved university, as well as two years of fire protection experience, are qualified.

This course requires an associate’s degree in fire protection or a graduate/post-graduate degree in any other subject, as well as four years of related experience. Finally, applicants with a high school graduation and six years of experience in a fire safety-related field are eligible to apply for this program.

Course Content

  • Basics Of Fire And Fire Science
  • Information And Analysis For Fire Protection
  • Human Behavior In Fire Emergencies
  • Organizing For Fire And Rescue Services
  • System Approaches To Property Classes
  • Detection And Alarm
  • Water-Based Suppression
  • Fire Suppression Without Water
  • Fire Prevention
  • Materials, Products And Environment
  • Facility Fire Hazard Management
  • Safety In The Built Environment
  • Confining Fires