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Physical Security Professional (PSP)

The PSP certification improves job opportunities by showcasing expertise in risk analysis and risk assessment, collectively make security systems, and the proper selection, installation, and continuous assessment of security measures. This certification for those working in physical security. It shows potential employers that these physical security professionals have acquired certain credentials and relevant knowledge in their field and that they have the necessary qualifications to do the job. The PSP certification shows a high level of expertise that can help physical security professionals to be more competitive when they're seeking work.

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Physical Security Professional

People and companies must take the risk to safety and security seriously in the existing security environment. By using the ideas, concepts, and understanding of entry and evacuation control, risk management, physical security procedures, protection, and resilience measures, secure and safe environments may be accomplished.

Through exciting live exercises, demonstrations, and active involvement, this specialist security training equips participants with the knowledge and foresight to safeguard assets such as people, property, policy, procedure, and reputation.

Physical security professionals play an essential role in ensuring the protection of people and property. They work to prevent unauthorized access to facilities, protect against Personally Identifiable Information (PII) theft, and respond to emergencies.

Physical security professionals are often called upon to work in close proximity to sensitive materials, such as data sets and equipment. They must be able to handle a variety of tasks, including those that deal with firearms, explosives, and other threats.

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Physical Security Professional Certification


Who is a certified Physical Security Professional?

This course has been created for security team leaders, managers, including supervisors who want to learn more about entry and evacuation procedures. It is also the best option for site managers, business owners, security experts new to physical safety, and anybody else wishing to put up personal security teams or systems.


What is a Certified Physical Security Professional Certification?

The PSP is perfect for defense, business, and government personnel that conduct physical security duties. We hope that by participating in the program, we will be able to give our participants with new information about the security business, intellectual growth, improved mobility, networking, paradigm change, and expanded career opportunities.


What are the requirements to achieve certification?

You must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of security experience, including one year of “responsible charge” experience.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Information Technology and Risk Management
  • Principles of Physical Security Planning
  • Technology, Systems and Security Equipment
  • Threats to Security
  • Access and Egress Control