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Continuing Medical Education is the process by which family physicians and other health professional engage in activities designed to support their continuing professional development. Activities are derived from multiple instructional domains, are learner centered, and support the ability of those professionals to provide high-quality, comprehensive, and continuous patient care and service to the public and their profession. Our CME Courses approved and accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) Abu Dhabi and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)

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Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

Are you interested in learning more about Continuing Medical Education (CME)? Continuing medical education (CME) is one way to stay up-to-date on the latest medical advances and treatments. CME can offer you the opportunity to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits, which can help you maintain your certification and licensure.

Continuing Medical Education, or CME, is a set of educational activities that a physician employs to maintain, develop, or improve his or her knowledge, skills, professional performance, and relationships in order to deliver services to patients, the general public, or the profession.

Healthcare workers must now attend CME seminars in order to renew their license. Attending educational activities such as seminars, events, lectures, and courses can earn CME hours. Many CME programs are offered by hospitals, medical societies, and other organizations.

EBSTAC is dedicated to provide the finest-quality CME program in the healthcare area, ensuring that professionals fulfill the highest professional standards.

  • Approval: DOE 
  • Training Mode: Online & Offline
  • Language: English | Arabic

Continuing Medical Education Course

CME Courses

The continuing medical education (CME) program for healthcare workers in the UAE is critical for improving knowledge and skills and staying current with the newest medical technology and breakthroughs.

Our CME lectures are designed to increase patient safety by strengthening professionals’ abilities, expanding their knowledge, and providing them with up-to-date medical information. We Elite, CME sessions are offered to fulfill the needs of healthcare professionals in a variety of sectors.

EBSTAC, provide CME course by DHA (Dubai Health Authority) and HAAD have approved (Health Authority-Abu Dhabi). CME hours are available for all of our healthcare courses.

The learning modules determine how many CME credits are issued. CME sessions are available all year to help healthcare professionals improve their knowledge and stay up to date on the newest medical advances.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a process of professional education that allows healthcare professionals to keep up to date on the latest medical knowledge. CME is essential for healthcare providers to stay current on new advances in their field and to provide the best possible care for their patients. You can attend live CME events, take online courses, or participate in hybrid courses that offer both online and in-person components.

There are many organizations that offer CME programs, and many healthcare providers choose to participate in CME programs to stay up to date on the latest medical knowledge. Healthcare providers can find CME programs through their local medical society, hospitals, or other healthcare organizations.

Infection Prevention and Control


By – EIHSC- AbuDhabi
Speaker – Mohamed Samir Zaafan | Analinda Beltran Bondad

CME | Continues Medical Examination

Patient Safety


By – EIHSC- AbuDhabi
Speaker – Mohamed Samir Zaafan | Analinda Beltran Bondad

CME | Continues Medical Examination

Pain Management


By – EIHSC- AbuDhabi
Speaker – Analinda Beltran Bondad

CME | Continues Medical Examination