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Risk Management Professional (RMP)

A professional's expertise in analyzing, detecting, and managing risks is demonstrated by third party Risk Management Professional (RMP) qualification. The Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) highlights ability to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats and take advantage of opportunities.

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Risk Management Professional

The Third Party Training in Risk management is an integral part of all organizational activities. Verify your abilities so you can fulfill your organization’s requirement for a risk specialist.

Third Party Trained Risk Management Professional is a specialist credential issued by PMI in response to the increased need for project risk management experts.

An individual’s specialty in evaluating, recognizing, and controlling risks is evidenced by their holding a Third Party Risk Management Professional certification trainings.

The Risk management professionals are responsible for managing the risk associated with their work. They identify and assess potential risks, manage those risks, and communicate the risks to those who need to be aware of them.

Some of the key responsibilities of a risk management professional include: Identifying and assessing potential risks, Managing those risks and communicating the risks to those who need to be aware of them.


Risk Management Professional Certification


Who is a certified Risk Management Professional ?

The third party trainings and certification in RMPs are employed across a range of sectors, including public safety, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and finance. They often have a degree in business, management, or a similar profession. To guard against dangers, RMPs frequently collaborate with a group of additional experts.


What is a Risk Management Professional Certification?

A third party trained risk management professional certificate is an internationally Recognized qualification that provides the ability to identify, assess, and manage risks in a business. 

A RMPs certificate’s main function is to give its holder the abilities and information needed to control risks in a commercial setting.

Additionally, the qualification enables the bearer to provide companies risk management services. The credential gives the holder the abilities and information required to offer risk management services to companies.


What are the requirements to achieve certification?

This third party training course will teach professionals how to identify, analyze, and successfully manage risks in all sorts of projects and capacities. Including, day-to-day work, and will prepare them to become globally recognized and qualified as Project Risk Managers. 

Those who need this course? 
Executive Managers, Program Managers,
Project Managers, Chief Project Officers
Project Management Officers, Project Planners, Project Coordinators, and Risk officers.

Course Content

  • Project Administration
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Business
  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Inhabitation and Human Factors
  • Operations and Upkeep
  • Leadership and strategy in business and finance
  • Communication
  • Efficiency and Excellence
  • Technology and Facility Information Management
  • Sustainability
  • Management of Risk
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