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Get an MoE Equivalency Certificate For Educational Credentials

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MOE Equivalency certification

Certificate Recognition

In the competitive landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), having an internationally recognized academic background is crucial for those seeking to work, study, or obtain a Golden Visa. To access these opportunities, it is essential to authenticate your qualifications through the Ministry of Education (MoE), the UAE’s regulatory authority for education, and obtain a Certificate of Recognition, also known as an MoE equivalency certificate.

This blog guides you through the MoE equivalency certificate application process, providing a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

What is a Certificate of Recognition?

A MoE equivalency certificate serves as an official affirmation that your degree originates from an accredited international university and meets the stringent criteria, guidelines, and global academic standards established by the Ministry of Education (MoE). This rigorous validation process not only underscores the quality and legitimacy of your educational background but also ensures that it aligns with the academic and professional benchmarks recognized by the UAE.

By obtaining an MoE equivalency certificate, you demonstrate that your qualifications are on par with those required by the UAE, thereby contributing to the high standards of academic and professional competence expected within the workforce. This validation is essential for maintaining the integrity and excellence of the labor market, ensuring that only individuals with recognized and accredited degrees are able to secure employment, pursue further studies, or obtain prestigious opportunities such as the Golden Visa.

Who needs an MOE equivalency certificate in the UAE?

Anyone with an academic qualification, from secondary school to Doctorate, can obtain this certificate. It’s often mandatory for various pursuits in the UAE, including:

  • Employment (mandatory for specific roles in healthcare, teaching, engineering, and government)
  • Pursuing higher education 
  • Applying for a Society of Engineers License in Dubai (SOE) Card
  • Applying for a UAE Golden Visa

When should I apply?

Initiating your MoE equivalency certificate application with the Ministry of Education can occur before securing a job offer or gaining admission to a higher education institution in the UAE. Remarkably, physical presence in the UAE is not a prerequisite to commence this process, encouraging many individuals to initiate their applications well in advance of receiving an offer or admission. By pursuing this certification proactively, individuals can broaden their job prospects significantly and enhance their potential for attaining a more financially rewarding position.

Before commencing your moe equivalency certificate application, it is imperative to verify your degree through one of the Ministry of Education’s  accredited primary source verification partners. It is highly advisable to initiate this verification process early, as it may take up to 30 days from the date of application submission to obtain the verification document. It is important to note that you cannot proceed with your equivalency application without this essential verification.

Documents Required for MoE Equivalency

Required documents for MoE equivalency vary by specialization and generally include:

  • Degree verification document
  • Embassy verification or scholarship letter (for Emirati nationals)
  • Diploma or graduation certificate with transcripts
MOE Equivalency certification
MOE Equivalency certification
MOE Equivalency certification

How To Obtain a MoE Equivalency Certificate of Recognition

Let’s guide you through the MoE equivalency application process:

Step 1: Gather the Required Documents

Before starting your MoE equivalency certificate application, gather the necessary documents, including educational transcripts, degree or diploma certifications, and a valid passport.

To complete your application, obtain a UAE PASS, the country’s digital identity. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store and register for a free account with a valid Emirates or GCC ID, or passport.

Step 2: Get Your Degree Verified With Elite

You must verify your degree before applying for your MoE equivalency certificate. We will confirm your degree or validate a verification letter from your embassy of the country where you studied, a separate process from embassy attestation. If you have a scholarship (applicable for UAE nationals), We will validate that as well.

We will process supplementary documents needed by MoE based on your specialization and degree level, such as an abstract letter, research paper, and proof of residence.

Step 3: Complete Your MoE Application

After receiving your verification report from us, apply for your Certificate of Recognition on the MoE website. Log in or register for an account with your UAE PASS, ensuring your application details match the information on your supporting documents. 

Step 4: Pay the Application Fee

Complete your application by paying the non-refundable fee on the MoE portal – fees vary (100 AED for an undergraduate degree, 150 AED for a postgraduate degree, 200 AED for a doctorate).

Step 5: Obtaining your Certification of Recognition

After review, the MoE will grant equivalency or reject your application. If approved, your certificate will be issued within two days to your registered email address.

Resources and Support Available During the Application Process

Throughout your application, a range of resources and support is available to assist you in obtaining this essential certificate.  

For your report:
For your Certificate of Registration application, check out:

Resources and Support Available During the Application Process

Obtaining a Certificate of Recognition is crucial, especially for professionals seeking employment in high-risk industries like healthcare, engineering, or construction.

Before you start your application, ensure your degree is verified with Elite. Our trusted and efficient qualification check and verification services guarantee that your qualifications meet the requirements, increasing your chances of a successful application with the Ministry of Education.

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