Calibration Services

Instrument Calibration

Instrument calibration is one of the essential procedures used to keep up instrument accuracy. Calibration is the way toward designing an instrument to give an outcome to an example inside a worthy range. We provide calibration of various testing & measuring instruments either at your site or at our facility for various industrial and commercial needs through our associate companies. Our associates are approved by DAC and the certificate will indicate the same. Please specify at the time of ordering regarding your specific requirement of DAC certified calibration.

Various types of instruments being calibrated by our associates are:

  1. Thermometers
  2. Thermocouple, transmitters
  3. Temperature data loggers
  4. Humidity data loggers
  5. Hygrostats
  6. Hygrometers
  7. Thermostat
  8. Chart recorders
  9. Electrical data loggers such as voltage, current, power data loggers
  10. Electrical measuring instruments
  11. Infrared laser thermometers
  12. Electrical testing instruments
  13. Weighing machines, scales
  14. Vernier calipers
  15. Level meters, transmitters
  16. Flow meters, transmitters
  17. Chiller rooms
  18. Cold rooms
  19. Refrigerators
  20. Differential pressure sensors