Food Safety and Hygiene Courses Approved by Dubai Municipality

Food handlers are any employees who participate in any activity at your company that includes food or surfaces that are likely to come into touch with food.

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Food safety

Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Courses

The Basic Food Safety Training course is designed to assist food enterprises in complying with Dubai Municipality Regulation, which demands food safety training to businesses to guarantee that each employee who handles food is taught in Basic Food Safety.

Anyone working in your establishment who handles food or surfaces that might come into touch with it is considered a food handler.

It includes persons who work in the industry, processing, preparing (such as cutting, cooking, and freezing), delivering, servicing, delivering, or packing food, as well as those who clean the premises and equipment.

Food safety training from a Elite International Training, may assist in ensuring that your personnel are adequately taught in food safety protocols. This will help to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, and ensure that your customers are safe from potential health risks.

The Diploma in Food Safety and Hygiene course given by Elite International Training takes a realistic and integrated approach to food safety management, focusing on food safety regulations, risks and hazards associated in food manufacturing processes, such as microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards, as well as strategies to eliminate them.

Any professional in the food business has to have a solid understanding of food safety and hygiene procedures. You will learn in this course how to manage the spread of disease when handling food and how to stop it from spoiling.

This training aims to provide a sufficient awareness of regional hygiene laws and foster an organization-wide commitment to food safety.

Audience Specified

According to the requirements of the Food Control Department of the Dubai Municipality, all food handlers working in hotels, restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, catering, manufacturing, processing companies, food warehouses and stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hospital kitchens, meat and fish stall operators, food transport drivers, maintenance staffs, housekeeping staffs, stewarding staffs, and any other person directly involved with food in Dubai should attend this course.

Course Details:

Type: Interactive Multimedia Course

Duration: 6-7 hrs

Validity: 2 years

Languages: English and other regional languages like Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.


Foodwatch registration is required for all organizations, including restaurants, service providers, and suppliers of goods and equipment.

Food Safety and Hygiene Course Syllabus

• Introduction to Food Safety
• Benefits of good Food Hygiene
• Costs of poor Food Hygiene
• Food safety Hazards and their Control
• Factors for Bacterial growth and their Control
• Food safety Control Measures in Operation
• Personal Hygiene Practices
• Pest Control methods and Prevention of Pest Infestation
• Waste Disposal
• Cleaning and Disinfection
• Food Safety Legislation.

Basic Food Safety and Hygiene Courses
 Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate

Dubai Municipality and Highfield have authorized and accredited basic food safety training and certification.