IPAF Trainings

IPAF Training Courses from Elite Bright

IPAF (INTERNATIONAL POWERED ACCESS FEDERATION) accredited courses. This courses are delivered to instruct operators to prepare and safety operate various types of Mobile Elevating Works Platforms (MEWP). This Globally recognized trainings programs developed by leading industrial experts.

We, Elite International is one of the experienced powered access training teams in the UAE, Helping you to work safely with (MEWPs) Mobile Elevating Platforms  or otherwise known as aerial work platforms.

With our one-day IPAF Training courses for powered access operators, quickly enables operators to save time and understand how to operate powered access safely, at the end of the course the student will receive a PAL licence and PAL card. 

  1. MOBILE VERTICAL (3a)                                                    1-2 DAYS
  2. MOBILE BOOM (3b)                                                           1-2 DAYS
  3. STATIC VERTICAL (1a)                                                     1-2 DAYS
  4. STATIC BOOM (1b)                                                            1-2 DAYS
  5. PUSH AROUND VERTIVCAL (PAV)                                 HALF DAY
  6. IPAF DEMONSTRATIONS                                                  ONE DAY 
  7. HARNESS USE AND INSPECTION (H)                           HALF DAY
  8. LOADING/ UNLOADING (LOAD)                                        ONE DAY
  9. IPAF MEWPs FOR MANAGERS (MM)                              ONE DAY