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Basic Life Support Training and Its Importance

Basic life support training teaches individuals how to provide care for someone who is not breathing, has stopped breathing, or has a heart attack. Since so many people around the world have heart disease and the numbers don’t lie, it’s important to know what to do in case of a cardiac or other life-threatening medical emergency. Basic Life Support training is not only important for people after death, but it is important for everyone who needs it.

Training in basic life support (BLS) is a crucial part of any healthcare education curriculum. It is intended to provide healthcare workers with the information and abilities essential to respond appropriately and promptly to medical crises.

First Aid Training - CPR

The Best HSE Certifications You Must Have

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HSE stands for ‘Health and Safety Expert’. The HSE course is a must-have certification for professionals who work in the field of occupational health and safety.

You may have heard that the world of occupational health and safety is changing. The old way of doing things is being replaced with new, innovative approaches. The most important thing for an HSE professional to do is stay up-to-date and in-the-know about what’s happening in their field. This includes staying on top of developments in technology, changes in legislation, and new ways of thinking about how to keep workers safe.

Health and Safety Courses for Working Professionals and Individuals

Workplace accidents are common in the United Arab Emirates. Over four thousand workplace accidents were recorded in the United Arab Emirates in 2022, according to the most recent data available from the Ministry of Labor.

Workers can learn to recognize possible dangers and take precautions in the workplace by taking a safety training course. As a result, everyone in the workplace will be safer.

EBSTAC is one of the leading source of health and safety training institute in UAE. The institute provides professional training to the working professionals and individuals.

Health and Safety Courses for Working Professionals and Individuals

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Basic Life Support Training and Its Importance

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